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Hula hooping is a powerful training for the muscle, which take account of the most essential muscle, THE HEART .  Those who pick up a hula hoop will see a significant change in the heart rate. Therefore, hooping for only twenty minutes per day can count in the moderate vigorous intensity body activity suggested for enhancing and keeping your body healthy.

While this activity might look like a child thing, this could be efficient weight loss training for mature individual as well. There are many kinds of hula hoops available out there, the plastic one is suitable for kids and there is also  weighted hula hoops.  Hula hooping might be the simplest and most exciting ways of weight reduction which you can give a try. You will be amazed on how efficient and fun this activity is.


It’s Great for Back Muscles

The rhythm you get into when hula-hooping rotates and flexes the spine, knees, and hips. The motion also incorporates movement of your hips, which then exercises your quads, hip flexors, calf muscles, and hamstrings, improving support of your back through more powerful muscles in the hips and legs.

It’s Great for Core Strength

Another thing that’s great about hula hooping is how it helps to build core strength. The rotating motion used to keep the hula hoop up around your waist also works to tone and strengthen the core muscles in your abdomen. You need a strong core in order to support good posture and balance.

It’s Great for Flexibility

Moving your body as you flex your muscles while hula hooping is a safe and effective way to improve the flexibility of your joints. Plus, hula hooping is a low impact activity, making it good for people with joint conditions such as arthritis. Try hula hooping to help loosen stiff joints and increase your range of motion.

Hooping Improves Spinal Health

Hula hooping is a playful way to exercise your spine and bones. Simple waist hooping works the entire circumference of muscles attached to your spine. Some chiropractors integrate hooping into their treatments to ease back pain due to poor posture or just sitting hunched over the computer all day.

Your core muscles, which are located in the abdomen and back, are the muscles responsible for the right alignment of the spine. If these muscles are not strong, they will end up tired and stiff. This will affect the flexibility of your spine. Hooping strengthens your core muscles and increases spine flexibility.

You know the spiral & rocking movements you do to keep the hoop up! Well these are the same moves that mimic functional spinal movement. When you practice hooping every day, you are not only strengthening your core muscles, but lubricating your joints increasing joint flexibility. The act of moving your hips fluidly does wonders because your hips becomes more loose and less rigid. In addition, you will notice your posture is enhanced to do daily activities like walking, twisting and turning with more strength, grace and flexibility.

Now, you maybe asking yourself, "How can hooping help lower back pain?" Keep in mind, when you have a strong core it takes the extra load off the spine. As a result, there is less lower back pain.  Also, when the hoop is rolling over your lower back you get a gentle massage, which can help with chronic tension in that area.This brings an overall feeling of relaxation because the massage increases blood flow to muscles, which helps with oxygen supply. Your spine can re-calibrate and be realigned, which improves spinal flexibility and help with the lower back pain as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I join a class if I am out of town? 

A: We offer online group and one on one beginner classes. 

Q: How do I know what size hula hoop to purchase? 

A: Having the correct size hula hoop is the key to being able to hula hoop properly.  Hoopfitness will properly get you into the correct sized hoop by doing a one on one personal assessment with you.  

Q:  Do you sell children's hula hoops? 

A: Hoopfitness does offer child weightless hula hoops


Q: Can I get certified if I live out of state? 

A:  Yes, Hoopfitness does offer out of state certifications

Q: I have some bruising is that common? 

A:  Bruising is common for weighted hula hoops, it usually goes away after you first hula hoop session.  Taking blood thinners can also increase your chances of bruising with using a weighted or weightless hula hoop.  As with any other work out regime, please speak with your physician before beginning

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