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Welcome to Hoopfitness
U can Lose weight & rebuild your Abs with a Hula Hoop Let us Help
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I was born in January 1966 in Texas.  I have been blessed to call several states and cities my home.  I am married with two beautiful step daughters and two amazing grandson.  I currently reside in the state of Ohio. 

I am a 2020 National Spokeswoman for the American Heart Association, and a current Survivor's Have Heart Ambassador. I share my personal story and journey of living with Cardiovascular disease and surviving the widow maker heart attack in which I live with 3 stents to my main artery, I was actually hula-hooping (my life long passion) when I encountered the heart attack.  God and the love of hula hoop saved my life, due to having a healthy physical regiment my heart was able to endure that widow maker with no damage.  By being being physically active, I gave myself and 80% chance to survive.  I am no stranger to health issues, by finding a low impact workout that I love helps to keep those health issues in control.  I've loved hula hooping since the age of nine I have done some strong research on the history and benefits of hula hooping. I have a degree in business management, When I was in college I gave a demonstration speech on the history of Hula Hoop this received amazing reviews from the instructor as well as the class. Hula Hooping isn't just for children and has amazing benefits when using as a form of exercise.  I look forward to you falling in love with hula hooping for fitness. 

Welcome to Hoopfitness!


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